Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Written and spoken words

At Scholar Tutoring, we have a professional team of tutors that are ready to provide English tuition in the Glasgow area.

Imagine there is a skill you use every day. More often than driving or even walking. Yet we are judged by this skill. We judge people by how they say things as much as by what they say. Written and spoken English are how we apply for jobs, complete exams, fill out applications to university and present ourselves in an email, or even social media. But it’s all too easy to fall into bad habits, and think that the way we’ve always done it is the best way. Tutoring can fill in any weak spots and help students prepare for exams as well as putting their best foot forward in life. Often science teachers and history teachers as well as other subjects that require long question answers in exam situations complain that the students can understand the subject, but is unable to express their answers on the page in the exam. Tuition can help students learn how to correctly express their answers and gain full marks during exams. Even if a student has no interest in the subject, or the advantages it can bring in life and other exams a minimum grade is an essential requirement for most jobs and courses. Contact us today to discuss your exact requirements and your child’s needs. Contact us now to book your child a place with a local dedicated Glasgow English tutor. Click here to see some of the other subjects that we offer in Glasgow

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