Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY about Talking to Children About Terrorism

Every Classroom Matters Episode 193

Talking to children about terrorism with Dr. Steven Berkowitz.How should we be talking to children about terrorism? Did you know children under six shouldn’t be watching the news? Do you know the biggest worries of high schoolers when they hear of terrorism? Child trauma expert Dr. Steven Berkowitz helps parents and teachers understand how we talk to kids of various ages about terrorism.

Now is the time to listen to and share this show before Thanksgiving family dinner conversations.

Important Takeways: What the Experts Say About Talking to Children About Terrorism

  • Recommendations for watching the news with children
  • The biggest worries of high schoolers and how to talk to them
  • What to say when kids ask “Will this happen to me?”
  • How the news can cause trauma in children
  • How teachers can help children through tough times

Dr. Berkowitz is a widely quoted expert in child trauma. His advice is simple but important for all teachers to understand right now. What you say to kids matters, especially when they are upset.

 This past week, I used what Dr. Steven Berkowitz taught me in this show as I talked to some upset children. I received a grateful email from a precious parent thanking me because now her child has her mind at ease. You might not think this is important, but if kids are talking, they want to talk with adults. As always, get traumatized kids help.

Educator Resources and Links from the Show

Great quotes from the show you can share…

How to Talk witah Kids About Terrorism infographic

The consensus is that exposure to the media can cause trauma in kids.

Talking with children about terrorism don't put your anxiety onto the kids

Talking to kids about terrorism.

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